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Homework is an integral part of Teaching & Learning, and should be used by all teaching practitioners to raise attainment and ensure that students make rapid and sustained progress.  This policy is underpinned by OFSTED’s criteria for ‘Outstanding’ Teaching, Learning and Assessment from its ‘School inspection handbook’:

“Teachers set challenging homework, in line with the school’s policy and as appropriate for the age and stage of pupils, that consolidates learning, deepens understanding and prepares pupils very well for work to come.”

(OFSTED School inspection handbook, August 2015)


Homework at Irlam & Cadishead College will enable students to:

  • Take ownership and responsibility for their learning
  • Consolidate work that is covered in class
  • Extend the learning taking place in the classroom
  • Develop research and literacy skills
  • Develop independent learning

Roles and Responsibilities

All Curriculum Leaders should:

  • Ensure Homework is embedded into Schemes of Work
  • Quality assure the Homework that is handed out in their Departments by using Lesson ‘Drop Ins’ and Learning Walk/Student Voice
  • Support teachers within their department when sanctions/praise are given for Homework, where appropriate

All Progress and Development Leaders should:

  • Quality Assure the recording of Homework in Student Planners during Form Times, and to use this monitoring to ensure that students are completing this task, praising those that do and challenging those that are not
  • Use Work Scrutinies to Quality Assure the Homework given to their Year groups, identifying areas of strength and areas for development.

All Class Teachers should:

  • Set Homework of challenge and access in accordance with the Homework timetable under the direction of Curriculum Leaders
  • Set Homework that consolidates learning and deepens students understanding
  • Set deadlines for Homework and ensure that they are met, and that if not, appropriate sanctions are given within the Faculty/Department, supported by Curriculum Leaders
  • Provide regular marking and feedback, using every opportunity to praise wherever possible
  • Provide help and support where appropriate.

All Form Teachers should:

  • Ensure that all students in their form are recording Homework in their Student Planner weekly, and that if they are not, that they do so
  • Ensure that parents/carers are signing Student Planners weekly
  • Sign to confirm homework is completed.

All students should:

  • Listen carefully to Homework instructions given in class
  • To write down Homework issued and deadline date into their Student Planner
  • Ensure that all Homework is completed and returned by the deadline
  • Complete all Homework to the best of their ability
  • To speak to their teacher before the deadline date of any difficulties with the completion of Homework.

The Use of the Student Planner

All students are issued with a Student Planner at the start of each academic year.  It is important that the Student Planner is used appropriately.  Students are expected to record all Homework issued and the deadline date, so that they are aware of what they need to complete and when.  Meeting deadline will help equip students for their working life.  If the Student Planner is not being used correctly, this needs to be challenged and rectified.

Presentation and Marking Code

Presentation and Marking Codes should be glued into the first page of every student’s exercise book.  This is used so that students understand the marking of their work clearly, with explanation of the effort and attainment grades that they receive and the spelling, grammar and punctuation changes they need to make.

Homework Timetable – Year 7

Year 7 Red Week (Week One)

Year 7 Blue Week (Week Two)

Homework Timetable – Year 8

Year 8 Red Week (Week One)

Year 8 Blue Week (Week Two)

Homework Timetable – Year 9

Year 9 Red Week (Week One)

Year 9 Blue Week (Week Two)

Homework Timetable – Year 10

Year 10 Red Week (Week One)

Year 10 Blue Week (Week Two)

Year 10 Option Listings

Homework Timetable – Year 11

Year 11 Red Week (Week One) / Blue Week (Week Two)

Option Listings

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