Year 9

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Year 9

In Year 9 students are provided with the information they require to make well informed and realistic decisions regarding their educational and career pathways.

The Progress Development Leader of Year 9

  • Promotes scholarly behaviour
  • Tracks progress
  • Motivates and inspires students to achieve their goals and make required progress

The Year 9 Form Teacher

  • Offers advice and guidance regarding option choices
  • Delivers the tutorial programme
  • Tracks attendance
  • Monitors behaviour
  • Acts as an advocate for the students

Assemblies Focus On

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Young Carers
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • E-Safety
  • Rewards

The Tutorial Programme

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • British Values
  • STAR Careers Programme

Events throughout the Year

  • Options Evening
  • Consultation Evening
  • Visits to local Universities