Year 11

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Year 11

In Year 11 students are prepared for external examinations. They also plan and prepare for Post 16 destinations.

The Progress & Development Leader of Year 11

  • Tracks and monitors progress
  • Facilitates personal intervention strategies to ensure students exceed expected goals
  • Motivates and inspires students to achieve their academic and personal goals

The Year 11 Form Teacher

  • Promotes scholarly behaviour
  • Delivers the tutorial programme
  • Tracks attendance
  • Monitors behaviour
  • Acts as an advocate

Assemblies Focus On

  • Post-16 destinations and employability
  • How to revise
  • Volunteering
  • Student Leadership
  • Examination preperation
  • The Prom

The Tutorial Programme

  • Preparing to be on the Student Leadership Team
  • Post-16 destinations
  • Applying for college
  • Additional English
  • Additional Mathematics
  • How to revise
  • Growth mindset

Events throughout the Year

  • Careers fair
  • Apprenticeship fair
  • Ensuring achievement lunch
  • Celebration evening at The Glashouse