Six Year 10 students Asa Wasp, Connor Eaves, Heath Murphy, Hannah Potter, Alicia Tombling and Katie May Markey, together with the Curriculum Leader of MFL Catherine Jones and Teaching Assistant Ms Peacock set off for an exciting day of languages and culture at the                       University of Manchester. Their host was the University of Manchester Languages department. A presentation on the importance of learning languages and potential future careers was delivered by undergraduates and lecturers. After this the hard work began!   Using the state of the art facilities, the Irlam & Cadishead linguists had to ‘subtitle’ a short film clip in French.

Our students are apparently budding comedians and used humour to make some amusing films. A campus tour followed including a visit to the ‘Students Union’. The day ended with an Italian language taster sessions. During which, they played bingo, practised using a whole variety of Italian ‘gestures’ and learned how to introduce themselves in Italian.



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