Salford Royal Clinical Simulation Evening

Thirteen future medics from Year 10 and 11 attended a Clinical Simulation Evening at Salford Royal. One of the aims of the evening was to raise awareness of the fact that there are over 350 different career pathways in the NHS and not all of them include being a doctor or a nurse.

The students also undertook CPR training where they practised on a working model. They learned to look for signs of life and how to use a defibrillator.

An inspirational session on the care of patients imitrex to buy demonstrated how it feels to be fed by another person. This is vital to understand as vulnerable patients need to be treated in a caring manner in a time stretched environment.

The final scenario was a trauma session where they worked with a ‘patient’ which was in fact an £8,500 replica human! They learned to assess for signs of life and suggest the next stage of treatment.

The whole session was exciting, informative and inspirational.

Employability, Widening Opportunity and Engagement Officer, J Delfino

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