Cashless Catering

School meals are produced on site by SPIE Catering.

Irlam and Cadishead College operates a cafeteria system with a wide choice of lunches:

  • You can have a freshly-made two-course lunch every day,
  • Or choose from a meal deal option consisting of a main meal, drink and either fresh fruit or biscuit.
  • The weekly menu will consist of different types of food such as European, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian or Spanish dishes.

Prices & paying for school meals

The average cost of a two course meal is £2.10, which is the current value of a free school meal.

In addition to the standard menus SPIE Catering offer additional choices such as sandwiches, wraps, soup and jacket potatoes.

Pupils may pay for their school meal on the day. The secondary school have a cashless system and pupils are issued with smart cards to identify themselves.

Weekly menus & menu calendar

Below is a copy of the current four weekly menu cycle as well as a calendar so that you can see what’s on each week’s menu.

  • Week 1 menu
  • Week 2 menu
  • Week 3 menu
  • Week 4 menu

Menu calendar

Week commencing / Menu week

27th February 2017 / Week 1
6th March 2017 / Week 2
13th March 2017 / Week 3
20th March 2017 / Week 4
27th March 2017 / Week 1
Easter Holiday
18th April 2017 / Week 2
24th April 2017 / Week 3
1st May 2017 / Week 4
8th May 2017 / Week 1
15th May 2017 / Week 2
22nd May 2017 / Week 3
May Holiday
5th June 2017 / Week 4
12th June 2017 / Week 1
19th June 2017 / Week 2
26th June 2017 / Week 3
3rd July 2017 / Week 4
10th July 2017 / Week 1
17th July 2017 / Week 2

Food Sourcing

  • We aim to have all our suppliers locally based.
  • All meat and poultry meets the UK welfare standards. All meat and poultry is required to have full traceability. This means we know the farms where meat and poultry has been bred and reared.
  • All the eggs we use are free range  to comply with the Good Egg Award” which all the  SPIE Catering departments have been awarded

Our Food Suppliers

SPIE Catering uses Pelican Buying Consortium

Cheshire Foods
Fresh meat and poultry, cooked meats, frozen foods,

Ribble Farm
Fresh fruit, vegetables and prepared vegetables

Grocery, dairy and frozen suppliers

Frozen suppliers

Sandwiches and wrap suppliers

Pasta King
Freshly prepared sauces and pasta

Certificate of compliance with school food standards