Literacy & Numeracy Catch Up

The ‘Catch Up’ funding for students not attaining Level 4 or equivalent is now included within the Pupil Premium funding allocated to the College throughout the year.

Funding allocated in

  • 2015 -16: £7,000
  • 2016 – 17: £7,000

Using the data available in the College, students who need intervention to ‘catch up’ in either/or Literacy and Numeracy are identified.

Criteria for intervention are based on KS2 data and CATs data,

  • Students who score less than 100 on KS 2 data
  • Students who have a significant order imitrex no prescription differential between KS2 data and CATs data
  • Students who have a low score in one aspect of the CAT’s scores compared to the others.
  • Reading ages
  • Spelling ages
  • DAC

The identified students will work with the SENCO during English/Maths lessons to cover basic skills using Lexia and the Read/Write programme and Accelerated Reader to develop Literacy/English and Maths Ninja’s for Maths.

The aim of the ‘catch up’ is to close the gap and ensure students achieve their expected progress.