Go 4 Schools

To support parent/carers and students to keep up-to-date with the progress being made in lessons at ICC, we are introducing Go4Schools.

Go4Schools is a web-based system that allows parent/carers to login to see information about their child/children.  The information they can see will include:

  • Target grades for each subject/lesson
  • Marks and grades in lessons/subjects across the curriculum
  • Whether a students is on or off track to achieve their expected level of progress in each subject
  • Information about subjects
  • Attendance data
  • Timetable
  • Reports
  • Grades achieved in actual external exams

As this is a web based system, you can access it anywhere and on any device you have web access: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone.  It also gives you 24/7 access.

Parental email addresses

Parents will need to ensure that their email address is correct on the information held by the school to give them access to Go4Schools.  Please remember to contact the school to inform us if you change your email address.

The first time you log on to the system you need to use the ‘First time user’ function and enter the email you have registered with ICC.  You will then be sent a password.

You will be sent an email from ICC whenever a new report is published about your child, whether it be a full written report or a data-only report.

Parents can register at Go4Schools here.

Further information and guidance will be provided to parents and students.