Curriculum - Science

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Key Stage 3

The KS3 Science curriculum at ICC aims to develop confident & independent young thinkers with enquiring minds. At KS3 there is a strong emphasis on practical and investigational work to inspire and enthuse; the course is designed to allow able students to follow an accelerated curriculum and embark on their GCSE study at the end of Year 9.

Each year students study a range of topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, we have been guided through our choice of topics by United Learning.

Year 7:

During year 7 students study cells, tissues and organs and reproduction and variation in Biology. In Chemistry students cover particles and chemical reactions. In physics students study forces and motion and energy

Year 8:

Over the course of Year 8 throughout Biology students study ecological relationships and classification and digestion and nutrition. In Chemistry they look at materials and the Earth and Atoms and the periodic table. Physics covers light and space and electricity and magnetism.

Year 9:

Students begin their preparations for GCSEs. Key ideas are covered in each of the sciences to provide students with an excellent foundation in the transition to their GCSEs. Topics include Photosynthesis, matter, forces in action, reactivity, energetics & rates, sound biological systems & processes.

Key Stage 4:

Students are set according to whether they are to continue with studying the AQA Combined Science GCSE specification which will lead to the award of 2 GCSE grades or will study AQA GCSE Biology, AQA GCSE Chemistry and AQA GCSE Physics. Both routes prepare pupils for further studies and careers which need a Science background, including AS and A2 levels in specific Science subjects.