Curriculum - Mathematics

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KS3 Content

In Years 7 and 8, we try to give our students the broadest possible mathematical education to ensure they are in the best possible position for the start of their GCSE course at the beginning of Year 9. In line with the changes to the curriculum at KS3, our pupils follow a ‘mastery’ based curriculum. Mastery of a skill means that students should be able to quickly and accurately answer questions and problems with a range of numbers in a range of contexts, securely, reliably and

with good prospects of being able to recall it in the future. ‘Mastery’ is what is needed for ‘powerful knowledge’ – knowledge which can be deployed fluently in a range of circumstances as needed

In the new curriculum, the focus for students is the acquisition of skills; mathematical fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving. Targets are no longer described within a levelling system but by a scale as to what extent they have mastered that particular skill.


Students are assessed formatively at the end of each KPI and with a summative assessment at the end of each term. We provide our students with copies of the Success Criteria so that the students understand the skills that are required of them and what they need to work on in order to improve and make progress.


  • Success criteria Yr7 HT2
  • Success criteria Yr8 HT2


Homework is set every week and is completed online using hegarty maths. See hegarty maths section of the Maths webpage for more information.