Curriculum - Humanities

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The Humanities Department encompasses a wide range of subjects: History, Geography and Religious Studies. Our department is united by the awareness that we are preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s citizens.  Humanities looks at the past, present and future, with a global outlook linked to current affairs.  We study people, places and events, whilst fostering enquiring minds and challenging prejudice.  Our lessons enable students to develop as global citizens and not only give an understanding of the world around them; but how it has been shaped; and how this will affect their futures.

We aim to enrich students experience by offering a number of opportunities to embed learning.  Recent trips within the History Department include visits to Auschwitz and the Battlefields of World War One. The Geography syllabus includes field trips to the Lake District.  We also offer University Participation days- important considering Humanities subjects are amongst the top choices for University!