Curriculum - English

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A passion for English is what we strive for, through a curriculum structured around the exploration of an array of literary texts. Pupils are developed in their ability to analyse, deduce and infer – fostering an independent and resilient approach that transfers to the everyday world.  Writing for a range of different audiences and purposes ensures our pupils are able to secure those vital skills that will support them through the rest of their education and beyond.

A passion for English is not only developed through the classroom.  We have a number of book clubs to cater for an array of readers; our involvement with the BBC Schools News Report fosters our future young journalists in their quest for the latest scoop; film club encourages our pupils to see how books are translated to film and further develop Literacy through moving image; our Debate Club not only provides a forum for interesting discussion, but also provides an additional qualification.  Pupils are encouraged to participate in the numerous competitions we hold, writing poetry, short stories, raps and much more.

Visiting authors are utilised to foster a love of Literature, whilst visits to the theatre and interactive workshops further serve to enhance the teaching and learning experience.